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Lamp Warranty

Product Group
Product Description
Period (days)
Original Original Manufacturers Lamp 90
Diamond Diamond Lamp 180
Philips Philips Lamp 180
Smart Smart Lamp 365

We can offer an extended warranty on the majority of OEM, Diamond Lamps & Philips projector lamps, this option will extend the standard warranty to a full one year (plus 5 days to allow for shipping).

This is a fully inclusive warranty although there are a few Terms and Conditions – see below.

Warranty Period – The warranty period commences from the date of purchase and runs concurrent with the lamp manufacturer's warranty. The end date includes 5 additional days to cover the logistics time to deliver the order.

Warranty Cover – The extended warranty covers for failure of the lamp during normal use in the projector as recommended by the projector manufacturer. The projector must be operated in accordance with the manufactures instructions and routine maintenance as directed. In particular this means cleaning air filters to prevent over heating of the lamp.

Hours of Use – The warranty covers the stated life of the lamp according to the projector manufacturer or 2,000 hours if no life is stated (500 hours for Xenon lamps), it does not cover lamps that are in 24 hour operation.

Lamp Brightness – Lamp brightness decreases with normal usage. Degradation in brightness is not covered under warranty, however a significant deterioration and obvious lamp fault is covered.

Product Exclusions – Extended warranty is available on most lamps, selected exclusions may apply and will be due to the technology (most Xenon lamps), price and lamps that have been sold at a heavily subsidised price.

Replacement Lamps – An identical replacement lamp will be provided free of charge or a full credit raised at ACE's discretion. There is no limit to the number of times can be exchanged in the warranty period, though we may ask for the projector to be tested at an authorised service centre should there be repeat failures.

Replacement Lamp End Date – The replacement lamp's warranty ends when either the end date stated on the initial order passes or the lamp manufacturer's warranty on the new lamp expires, whichever is longer.

Collection and Delivery – The faulty lamp is returned to ACE at the customer's expense. The replacement lamp is delivered at ACE's expense.

Claims – Claims are made through the standard returns system where the extended warranty details are recorded.

Availability - ACE reserve the right to remove the warranty from any model at any time. This will not affect the warranty on any projector lamps already sold.

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